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Single coil

Each pickup is made by hand, from assembling components to wax potting. Every part of this process affects sound and is responsible for good or bad sounding pickups.

Assembling is first step in which shape of the coil will be defined by height of pickup winding area. To obtain shape I want, I use various height spacers.

Hand winding is key ingredient of good sound. It is time consuming process but wire is not parallel and even. There is more free space between wire so there is not much influence between them. Result is lower distributed capacitance that exists between the turns of the wire. Lower capacitance allows more top end. The result is more clearer sound with better definition of each ton, great dynamic and, because of that, despite relatively low wire resistance, impression of being louder.

Magnets are sand cast Alnico V mounted on vintage-spec flatwork (black vulcanized fiber) to make vintage correct pickups. Magnets are used in flat profile for better balance of modern (high-output G-D) strings. Wire is high quality Plain enamel (purple) 42 AWG that was most commonly used on vintage Gibson and Fender pickups. All components are made in and are from the U.S.A.

Middle pickup is reverse-wound, reverse polarity for hum cancelling when used with the bridge or neck pickup in position 2 and 4 of a 5 way switch

Vintage cloth-insulated "push-back" wire is used like in old days, not cheap plastic one (entire length of copper is insulated with tin).

The finished coil ispotted in a mixture of paraffin wax and bees wax to prevent microphonic feedback. Mixture is important because only right ratio of two components will leave correct thickness of wax layer.

At the end pickup is fully charged with magnetism using two Neodymium magnets.

Pickups are now redy for testing so you can have flawless sound maker for the lifetime.

Pickups are sold as a set and comes with covers, screws and tubing.

Guaranteed for life!!

Price: For pricing information please contact via email. Thanks!

Three sets are offered:


Clean but warm sound we love, with transparent and bell like highs. Tight and deep bass for twang that only single coil can produce. Classic tone.

Each tone in chord is audible, with great dynamic - from pianissimo to fortissimo within two strokes. You can control the sound simply by changing your attack, from bell-like clean to sweet gentle distortion. Your guitar start to breath.

This is the best selling model.

Kohm value*: Neck 5.9; Middle 5.9; Bridge 6.3

Inductance & Impendance (example)

*Kohm values are approximate and vary +/- 1,5%


Same sound quality as Vintage Black but their dynamics goes from pianissimo to overdrive.

Great expression possibilities for one with feeling.

Kohm value*: Neck 6.2; Middle 6.2; Bridge 6.5

*Kohm values are approximate and vary +/- 1,5%


Very powerful pickups for violin like tones when plugged to effect or amp turned to 10. They will break up amp earlier than other two sets. Little fatter sound in compare to other sets.

They retain great dynamics as do all e-dis pickups.

Kohm value*: Neck 6.2-6.4; Middle 6.4; Bridge 6.8

*Kohm values are approximate and vary +/- 1,5%