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Jazz Bass

For 4 & 5 string basses

These Jazz Bass pickups are designed to transfer you in vintage concept of sound. Clear, deep, warm and well defined tones. More dynamics and details start coming from your bass guitar and transform it in totally new instrument.

How to produce deep note staying focused and well separated from another deep note when you are playing finger style? I think that I find answer in two models: 1M and 2M.

So, you should expect well defined and focused sound with all deep frequencies your bass have to have. One of my friends said that at last he can hear notes between 1st and 5th fret. Another one who has studio said that for the first time he don't need to use equalizer in the mix.

Both models are hand wound with Plain Enamel #42AWG wire (Purple) by scatterwound winding pattern, they are not potted either with wax or laquer to keep sound vibrant and vivid. Just cloth wrap around coil for basic protection.

Alnico V magnets are used for their great magnetic field power.

1M model share all characteristics mentioned above and real difference from 2M model is less output

Neck kohm* value is: 7,2kohm

Bridge kohm* value is: 7,6kohm

2M model is designed for more punch, midrange bass and output. Slap freaks and funky players will love this model (Marcus Miler comes to my mind).

Neck kohm* value is: 7,6kohm

Bridge kohm* value is: 9,5kohm

Inductance & Impendance (example)

Pickups are sold as a set and comes with covers, screws and height cushions.

Guaranteed for life!

*Kohm values are approximate

Price:For pricing information please contact via email. Thanks!