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Your Corner

Intention of this page is to offer you space if you want to show how Your new pickups sound in Your guitar. It can be a sound clip or a YouTube clip or anything else.

You are invited :)

Customer from Finland sent these two clips with equipment description:

Humbuckers clean

"The clean clip is played with the LP straight into a SF Princeton Reverb, with no effects except reverb and a little tremolo on the latter part of the clip. The loudspeaker is a 12” Rola alnico from the 50s. Only the neck pickup is used."

Humbuckers overdrive

"The overdriven clip is played with a Marshall JVM410 head and a Goodmans 2x12 cabinet. Overdrive channel is used, but only the first of three gain stages and gain turned half way up. No effects except reverb. Neck pickup on first half , then bridge pickup"

This is a little demo of our Fender Eric Johnson Strat, loaded with handwound E-dis Modern Hot pickups (and Modern Red Hot bridge pickup). You hear it played first through a Fender Vibrolux Reverb and then through a Marshall JMP 1987 head and a 4x12 cabinet with Greenbacks.

This is a demo to show off a custom paint finish by Rocktech guitar workshop (, featuring an image of Jimi Hendrix.

jamming with a Les Paul Standard equipped with hand-wound E-dis humbuckers. This clip is to demonstrate overdriven tones with the bridge pickup.

Voya bee with beefunk is playing on Modern Red Hot pickups.