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Every existing humbucker is made as a two single coils opposite to each other in winding direction and magnetism polarity, in serial connection.

Here you have exactly that - two real single coil pickups bound together on a piece of vulcanized fiber. And this make great difference in sound in compare to mass market production. So, everything said on Single Coil building is part of humbucker making process.

And here are differencies to classical humbuckers:

Wire. They are made with AWG 42 wire but usually you will find that today is used AWG 43 wire. Because it is thinner, allow more turns, more kohms, more power ( or with less turns you can get same kohm value as with thicker wire). Negative side is that thinner wire cut-off more highs than thicker one. Consequence on sound is that sound can be muddy because of lack of highs. In the beginning humbuckers are made of AWG 42 up to 9 kohms.

Winding pattern. For humbuckers it is not critical that coil is random wound but you can benefit from having random wound pattern because this way we are sure that highs are preserved. Also because of bigger hight of coil, more winding patters could be applied.

Assembling of two coils. "Normal" humbuckers are attached on metal base which also contains magnet bar and spacers. Metal base has great influence on sound because metal (ferrous or brass or nickel-silver alloys each in different manner) in magnetic field ( this includes covers too) has tendency to reduce highs ( just remember metal baseplate under tele or sometimes strat bridge pickups). Some players like to remove their covers, and it gives some treble lift. So, I use neutral material like vulcanized fiber to avoid all problems that metal base can cause. It perfectly fit any guitar cavity, it is strong, can't be bended, connection with screw is same as on Single Coil pickups - last forever.

Magnets. There is difference in magnetic field in which guitar wire vibrate because there is no metal parts in it but only Alnico V polepieces. This also contributes to their specific sound.

Sound. This unique looking and sounding pickups are created because I don't like "normal" humbuckers where every model I bought is muddy (find out that I can throw lot of money on poetic descriptions). And I don't like that. So I start with Single Coils and find the way how to produce powerful pickups with lot of harmonics not being muddy or in other words to avoid all elements of "normal" humbuckers that can cause muddy sound. They are not thin sounding, on contrary they have full bodied sound with bite.

In few words - powerful without being muddy. Especially good combination with guitars made of mahogany where they produce what can be called "creamy sound". They retain lot of harmonics and highs. Even one with higher power (kohms values) stays clean longer or it is better to say that, because of great dynamics, you can control clean and distorted sound with picking force.

Randomwound by hand using Plain enamel 42 AWG wire. They are hum canceling. Vintage cloth "push back" wire is used (only two wires as you can find in old days). They are wax potted to prevent michrophonic feedback (mixture of parafine and beeswax).

They came only with Alnico V magnets.

Kohm value: From 7,00K to 13,00K. As they are custom in design, their kohms value will be custom made upon your wish. Recommendation for neck position is up to 8 kohms and for bridge up to 11 kohms .

Inductance & Impendance (example)

Pickups are sold as a piece and each comes with screws and springs. They fit in all sockets and they can replace any humbucker.

Guaranteed for life!

Price: For pricing information please contact via email. Thanks!