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Q: Can you make "hoter" pickups ?

A: Yes, up to 7,2 Kohm but I don't see why. Pickup with good dynamic is loud and keep single coil type of sound. To boost your signal you can use booster, amp or any other device.

Q: I have "dead" pickup. Can you rewind it?

Yes, but costs of rewinding and shipping are too high. Also, you will have tonaly different pickup and result will be unbalanced sound. That is why I sell only set of Single Coils.

Q: Is shipping from Croatia safe?

Yes. I send package via registered Airmail to any destination. Each package is provided with tracking number.

Q: Do you make humbuckers?

Yes, I have started because of good feedback of pilot models. They are specific in designe, but that is what is needed for unique sound.

To be continued...