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"I put a set of VINTAGE BLACK on my Japan Stratocaster.Sound is now more open,much better sustain,very dynamic guitar pickups and very well balanced.Great work.Thanks" - Neno

"I have to put E-dis telecaster set on my custom made hollow tele guitar(body ash,neck jatoba and zebrawood),since i was very satisfated with Vintage black on my strat.I called my tele The beast,because of wide specter of sounds that i get.From warm clean reach ton with full of sustain to the hard rockin rifs that shake the fundation.Another great guitar pickups from the hand of Maestro.Thanks" - Neno

"Edis guitar pickups produce very clean, rich and warm tone. Pickups are balanced and dynamic on all fretboard positions. They fit my guitar perfectly and makes it highly professional." - Tomo

"the pickups sound great! Thanks AA++" - eBay USA buyer of Vintage Black

"Excellent sound" - eBay UK buyer of Vintage Black

"great pickups great guy superb quality fantastic price" - eBay UK buyer of 2M jazz bass PU

"These are great sounding pickups.I ordered a pair of handwound PU`s for Jazz bass,and suggested quite load PU,which is seen on early Jazz Basses.I mounted them in a 62`Jazz and tried it on a small amp at home, and I must say great vintage sound with high output,really works great with a vintage instrument.Rehearsed today with my band and again the sound is outstanding, and the bas cuts through and handle finger playing style in a fantastic way. Georg Olesen,Pro bassplayer, Denmark." - eBay buyer of 2M jazz bass PU

„The luthier that was was going to fit my e-dis replacement jazz bass pickups was away on holiday, so, I fitted them myself. It was actually very easy, just unsoldered the old pickups, noting what wire came from where, and soldered the new ones in place. The whole exercise took about 20 minutes and now I have what seems a new bass. My Mexican jazz fretless sounds incredible (even with me playing it). I have a JV series Squier Jazz bass, which has all american parts, and it doesn't sound as good as the Mexican now. I would recommend E-dis pickups to anyone.Thanks. Barrie“ - eBay UK buyer of 2M jazz bass PU

"Pickups: Jazz bass alnico pickups 2M version Fitted to: MIM Jazz bass 70´s model (bridge pickup closer to bridge than 60´s model). Installation: carried out by a guitar tech but everything was supplied as it should be for a straightforward swap into this model. No chopping or mods required. Impressions: firstly, this instrument´s potential is not realised by the stock pickups and I´m very happy with the upgrade. Biggest improvements are a warmer more natural tone, a punchier output and better cross string volume balance (original pickups boosted G string). The “nasal” bridge pickup sound for jazz funk is now readily on tap for those who want it (more pronounced than with stock pickup) and the neck pickup gives plenty of the warm deep sound the Jazz is known for. I play classic blues and blues rock; blues finger style with the neck pickup dominant and blues rock with both pickups wound up full and a pick which works fine for me. I´m up against quality American guitars through a Fender Bassman, a Divided by 13 with a 2x12 cab, a Mesa Boogie, and a Hammond. During my first gig with the new pickups the bass definitely cut through the mix better. In fact, I was able to cut back a little on the EQ on my Mark Bass head, leaving the guitar to shape the tone more. In short, a far more quality sound at a great price that satisfies me as a mature hobby player. Barring accidents, this will now be my bass for life." Customer from Spain

"I've been trying out your Modern Hot pickups on my American Standard strat for a few days now, and I'm very satisfied so far. I switched from Vintage Noiseless, which are very nice pickups IMO, but the change in sound quality was remarkable, to the better. The sound is now much clearer and transparent, with great dynamics. Thanks!" Customer from Finland

"I hurried up a little bit, so did not laquered the neck but did only the fretjob for to listen to your pickups asap! So this afternoon built them in and checked the sound. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, I have all kinds of pickups in about 16 Les Pauls, from P90, Mini-Humbucker from 72 to t-top, tim shaw, häussel, seymour and you name them. They all give this typical Les Paul sound with some differences. But your set is dramatically different. That is REALLY something NEW!!! Is is a mixture of the so admired Les Paul sound with the astonishing edge of a stratocaster, this twang that only these Fender pickups give. AMAZING. This is something really breathtaking!. You did a great work! Sure, this sound is so particular, that it cannot be used for every song I play, but these pickup open a new possibility to express music. Very good" Comment on HUMBUCKERS by customer from Italy

"Your humbuckers are indeed working extremely well with my Marshall stack. It’s quite extraordinary how the pickups can both handle high levels of distortion without blurring the sound, and nevertheless reach a very sweet crunch at a relatively mild overdrive level. It’s like they have a capability of extending the amplifier’s sweet spot into a wider register. I didn’t notice the same effect with my Princeton with its scooped tone. They’re working fine with the Princeton, but they really seem to be a perfect match with the classic Marshall crunch (or even roar)." Customer from Finland

"Everyone suggested to me the Seymore Duncan, Nordstand, Tesla; EMG pickups, the sound was sterile. I don't want neither keyboard nor commodore 64, I want a real warm vintage sound of Jazz bass. I have already dealt with the fact that I will never hear the sound of my dreams until I sell my jazz bass copy and crummy yamaha amplifier 20 W. When I received the bass guitar by post-office (composed by real expert) I noticed custom pick ups, on which it was written e-dis. I turned on, take off some middle tones, amplified bridge pick up and tried to play some slap. The sound was exactly the one that I was looking for so much, scooped Marcus Miller sound. If I play on a neck and use thumb and deafen the strings, I get this characteristic prec thump sound. Mr Edis gave me back love for playing a bass guitar. Thanks" Zoran, Croatia