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Payment options:

  1. PayPal

  2. How it works:

    1. First we agree via e-mail upon model of pickups, shipping price and total amount.
    2. I send to you invoice through PayPal.
    3. After you check all invoice data you send money to my PayPal account.
    4. Within 3 business days I send pickups to shipping address you provided to me.

  3. Wire transfer (bank to bank money transfer). This is back up option if PayPal option is not availabile to you.

  4. All necessary details will be exchanged via e-mail.


Edis Sinovcic, Otona Ivekovica 31, 23000 Zadar, Croatia..


tel. +385 (0)98 714237

If you want to order or ask questions please send an e-mail.