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Story behind e-dis pickups

I love the sound of Single Coil pickups and making them starts from great disappointment with first (not cheap!!) Single Coil based guitar, and pickup replacements. With humbuckers I also wanted to offer something new - power, transparency, intact high frequencies. I think I found a formula worth of musicians attention.

So, love, time and wish to produce quality over quantity offer you Single Coil pickups along with HUMBUCKERS .

I firmly believe that good pickups must posses the possibility to reproduce full frequency spectrum , with great dynamics and detail that allow players to express their musical ideas. Also, the most important thing - this dynamic and detail makes playing interesting and keep it going (it is just hard to stop).

Good sounding guitar has to sound perfectly clean. First of all because I found that this is not so easy to achieve and hence good sounding clean guitar has to be good. Second, good sounding clean guitar can be easily transformed in whatever is needed with help of effect pedals, amps and god knows what. But to transform distorted sound to a good clean sound? Hmm... On the other hand, to believe that cheap guitar will sound like '60. original is just.... The maximum of what one can expect is an improvement of the existing sound (no borders here). Promising anything else would be unprofessional and marketing orientated.

I don't believe that pickups have to be designed for rockabilly or hard rock or blues or anything else (so if you put a hard rock pickup and you are a hard rock player, and not blues??) because your fingers, passion, scale, amp, effect pedal describe the music you play.

And that is what these pickups are intented to be - an engine to your expression in every possible way.